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    * Please post here if you have been at your webhost for 6 months to a year or more...

    I need to find a new host since FrontDrive's going away, but all I ever see are 'they've been great, I've been there for almost a month!' type posts.

    Please, post here and let us know if you have been in a committed webhosting relationship for at least six months!

    Thanks very much for your help!

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    Well i have been with ( my own dedicated ) for over 6 months.

    But i do maintain one shared site with and i've been very happy with them, they have good support, and stable servers.Plus when ever there are issues they launch ouit an E-mail ASAP.. so i feel they are good.

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    I've been with for a year or so, couldn't be happier. They're always up and running, except for the rare server reboots which don't last too long, and support is very prompt also!

    Good luck,


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    I've had something or other hosted at since the late 1990's. Once I found them I've never looked around for hosting again. Anything I don't do for myself goes directly to Need A Dot Com.
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    I've been hosting several web sites with since 1999 and not once I've noticed any downtime. Last time I used their support was in '99 and it was good. I just use the domains for personal e-mails now.

    They are a very reliable company hosting close to 10,000 domains if not more by now.

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    I have been with for just a few months, but have enjoyed it so far .. requires *you* do a lot of footwork though

    I also resell/have had accounts with .. their Freedom line .. since 1999. Started out as, then went to, and now .. but throughout that the downtime has been minimal (maybe 2 hours in 3 years) and the technical support is very good ... reseller support is even nicer ... and the Freedom account line is excellent.

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    I was with interland for a long time...ermm..3 years? 4 years?

    They have good servers (i used windows with them) but I've always found that they tend to overload them. When you first get on a new server it flies, then 6 months later you feel like the site is crawling.

    Another pitfall I found with them is databases. If you use any form of database I'd be very careful. I had a costomer (resold) who's database backend was constantly unavailable. The site would be down at least once per week for hours at a time. I had to leave them at that point, but they seemed to be going down hill at that point. That was feb, march of this year.

    They also seem VERY expensive compared to what else is out there these days....

    Been with Rackshack since then, have about 10 or so sites on my server and I've had one outage due to rackshack. (Fiber cut)

    Other than needing a super high end server, or the highest quality bandwidth, I can't think of a reason not to try them at $99 a month (+tax).
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    You might want to look at this thread.

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    I've been with for over a year
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    Hostrocket since last March, but we're choosing another host soon.

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    I've been with with my own domain since May, but before that, was hosted by a girl who had her domain with The service is very good, very reliable. Any questions or problems, you can e-mail, or you can bug people on ICQ (which I personally think is really great).

    Currently they do not have their own mail servers, meaning that it's kind of a pain to set up mail accounts, etc (i.e., you have to e-mail the tech, and ask him to e-mail the company that runs their e-mail and get them to set it up). They're working on testing their own mail servers, so it's not like it's a "you will never have easy access to setting up your e-mail accounts ~!" thing.

    For the amount of stuff you get, as well as the support, the price is very reasonable, imo.

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    I've been with AussieHosts ( since August 2001 and have several domains with them (,, etc).

    I started off on one of their basic plans and now have several of the larger plans (reseller, etc).

    Service is great, Gary and the team do everything they can to accomodate client's needs and I certainly have no plans to move elsewhere.

    They're highly recommended!

    Shaun Ewing

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    I've had two domains with Host Nexus ( )since March, and I'm very happy with them.

    This is a reliable company with lots of affordable plans to choose from - and you get great support, including toll-free numbers, email and live chat. I've found that Laurence and the crew at Host Nexus do all they can to help a client, and then some.

    I enjoy their community forum, ( where I've learned a great deal -- apart from being highly entertained on occasion.

    I wouldn't go anywhere else.

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    Please, post here and let us know if you have been in a committed webhosting relationship for at least six months!
    "Committed relationship for at least six months" .. gee my marriages don't even last that long.

    Actually after trying just about every web host in existence we have finally settled down at Aussie Hosts, we are well into our second year with them. It has to be twice as good as any other service out there. I have never met anybody else as dedicated to giving service ..personal service Gary his Wife Marita and the crew at Aussie Hosts.

    I live in a small community and as the local computer Tech, I can't afford to give people the wrong advise, I have recommended Aussie Hosts to several of my clients and they are all extremely happy with there service.

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    For another business of mine I hosted with them for 5 years at $18.95 a month.


    In that 5 years I had only three problems of downtime on the site and email was only out twice for a short period of time.

    Was it worth paying a little more? You bet.
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