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    Dedicated Server @ ThePlanet -Reboot question

    Hello guys...i have a dedicated server at theplanet.I dont have a remote reboot option.

    a friend of mine said,that all dedicated servers have remote reboot options.he says that since i dont have a remote reboot option,i am probably on a shared that correct.does theplanet have shared or vps offerings in the first place ?

    i cannot reboot the server,but i can log in through shell as root type in shutdown - and turn the damn thing off.....

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    Not all servers have remote reboot options. None of my servers at theplanet have remote reboot options.

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    It is not mandatory that all dedicated servers have the 'remote reboot' option. I would suggest you to contact the DC (ThePlanet) if you need one.

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    Your friend is mistaken. Most dedi's do not, unless the host offers KVM access.
    "Remote reboot", when describing dedi's, usually means "send a ticket or email and we'll manually power cycle the machine for you".
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    It will be a dedicated server, just ThePlanet has not provided you those options even though they advertise it. There are most likely thousands of servers at ThePlanet that don't have these features and thinking on it I don't think we have a single account ThePlanet that has all the servers under it with a rebooter, as for the console, well lets just not get started on that

    Best thing you can do is submit a ticket and ask for them as they are advertised, there is one particular ThePlanet DC which a very large number of the systems in it where not deployed with these features.
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    Ask The Planet to provide your server remote reboot facility and they will set it up for you.
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    You should need to contact your web hosting company if it has 24 hour technical support. If you can get to their technical support department, tell them what's happened. Hope they'll get it done for you to get your server reboot.
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