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    Thumbs down Edatarack - Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) (wannabe host, registered on Apr 2002) has ripped off the entire web site of *************. The domain registration date clearly indicates who was first:

    Whois result for
    Sean Shehan
    <snipped due to personal safety concerns, lol>
    Registered through: Go Daddy Software (
    Created on: 15-Apr-02
    Expires on: 15-Apr-03

    Whois result for *************:
    Registered through: Dotster Inc (
    Created on: 22-JUN-00
    Expires on: 22-JUN-05

    A news article about it: They also made headline news in

    Please spread the word, is a rip off!
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    didnt even makea decent job of it. nice design.

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    BTW according to Edatarack home page, they're hosting on an ancient 900 MHz Celeron with a puny 256 MB of RAM. Heck, my 2 year old notebook is more powerful than their server!

    How can their server run efficiently when their reseller plan provides ability to create up to 100 domains on a server with 256 MB RAM?
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    They probably hasn't got a clue what webhosting is all about.
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    If you look in the "About Us" section, they claim they have been in business since 1998. *raises an eyebrow*

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    Geez, that's pretty pathetic.

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    While design theft is a problem, and it does appear to be the case here, domain registration date does not prove anything. It cannot tell us when particular design was posted. You'd have to go to the design company for proof.

    Am not saying this is the case in this instance, but some design companies sell their designs to more than one company. And too, a number of sites uses templates that are created by a third party. It is fairly common to see sites that have the same layout, buttons, etc because they had the same template or the same designer. And I seem to recall an instance sometime in the last year where a web designer was ripping designs from other sites.
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