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    cpanel mysql question urgent


    I have created the mysql userid using cpanel interface, but when I try to give the provilegs to database, userID is not showing in the dropdown menu.
    How can I fix? Is there a cpanel sript?

    thanks in advance.

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    Just in case you're not aware, cPanel appends the cPanel account name to the user you create. For example if you create mysql userid 'user1' under cPanel account 'account1', the user id that cPanel creates becomes account1_user1.

    Either use phpMyAdmin from WHM or select * from mysql.user from the command line to verify the entries.

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    Try creating a user again. If you still don't see the user listed, do a hard refresh.

    It can be cpanel problem too. so try to change version of cpanel by going to WHM > Update Config and run upcp. If its a cpanel bug changing to different version will fix it.

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    Yes, I have manually run /scripts/upcp -force and still same issue. Any other help? Thanks in advance.

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    Have you changed version (if stable, change it to release) in WHM > Update Config ?

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    What is the mysql version you are using?

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