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    Thumbs up Blue Tech Hosting Template For Sale


    This is a template inspired by a button set I created that seemed to be very popular with people around the net. I think it turned out quite nice.

    Template includes the .psd, and html files (will be created after purchased). It is designed for the content area to be modified very easily by the client. Also includes minor changes/enhancements (plan boxes, header bars) upon purchase as well as help and support from Blalox Designs throughout launch. Flash can be added as well, complexity depending on purchase price of the template. Please contact me via one of the methods here: with any offers and questions. Serious inquiries only please. Thank you!

    I'm looking for a range of $125-$300. I'll try and keep a post on the highest bid. I'll leave this open for a while and see how the response is. Thanks.


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    I like it a lot.. nice unique style

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    Looks good, but the yellow in the logo just totally seems out of place. Make it blue instead. I know it will be changed if requested, but the first time u look at it the yellow just hits your eyes too much. Good job though, excellent!

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    The text moves about when you resize the window.

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    nice 1

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    Originally posted by Darth
    The text moves about when you resize the window.
    Hmm. Doesn't move on my pc - but anyways that's just a temporary image to display it for sale. The cut html will be completely different. Thanks though.

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    Ya the text moves when you resize it because the template is being used in the background.. I don't suppose it would be like that sliced

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