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    Domain name private whois, but dedicated IP address not private?

    I'm not too technical with this stuff, but when we register our domains we purchase Whoisguard so our domain registration information remains private. I was shocked to see today when I did a whois on our IP address for each domain we own, the IP address whois had all of our information listed, from organization to address to contact e-mails.

    We're on a VPS on LiquidWeb, each site on a dedicated IP. I have a support ticket in, but was hoping some of you could help shed some light on this for me.


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    The IP authorities are pretty strict when it comes to having correct information registered for IP allocations. If you have your own subnet allocated, for an example RIPE requires your details to be registered (including a responsible person) - and the information is public in their whois database. A host can get around this by assigning the IP space to themselves and then let you use it, but the domain authority might not technically allow that kind of practice unless it's for a block shared between multiple customers with a low amount of IPs each.

    How it's actually done often comes down to the host's own common practices / internal guidelines. Some are stricter on it than others. Typically you'll see larger companies taking more care to use the appropriate details for the customer using the allocation, instead of using their own handle.

    Personally I also feel it is a privacy issue to have this information so easily available to anyone, but the primary reason to it is most likely to prevent abuse.

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