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    Thumbs up PhotonVPS Review: Great customer service & reliable

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    As a first time user of a VPS, I would have to give lots of thanks and support to the PhotonVPS team. They provided me with very helpful solutions and answers to all of my questions for a first time user.

    After a few days of playing around on SSH and tips the support team provided, I was able to control and understand how a VPS system works. In addition, they were able to help me with some general PCI compliance issues I found with my scanner. Great customer service and support!

    The price of Beam 1 is very reasonable and just a few dollars more than shared hosting. Now I have so much more control of my web server and confidence being supported by this reliable young company.

    Additionally, I did not purchase the cPanel. With my general knowledge of Linux and help from the support team, I was able to install only what I wanted to meet my PCI compliance.

    Overall, I would recommend PhotonVPS to experienced and new VPS users.
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    Thanks for your review of us, be sure to let us know if you need any further assistance!
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    @duoBasis: it's been a month now, what about photonvps now? are they still good?


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    My VPS is still going strong. They recently had a power upgrade installation and notified me ahead of time. It went smoothly and my server was back up quickly. I did have a small issue with a VPS service that needed to be started again which the support helped me take care of right away. Saved me a lot of trouble and time.

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    GREAT to hear that.
    backup feature is another valuable one from them.

    i will put my order soon

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    Haha, it's always good to see some GOOD reviews among all the posts of people switching providers for the third or fourth time or moving from VPS to Dedicated. Good for you!

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    Yeah definitely. I've gone through many shared hosts before and I was surprised my first VPS hosting company would be so reliable since I wasn't sure of all the different companies at the time.

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    A few months have past since I signed up with .

    I have not experienced many problems and they are informative when upgrades or changes will be made to the servers. I've been reconstructing my site I have with them under a new domain name: . Also, I like that they have an affiliate program so if you are in need of a low cost reliable host, check them out for yourself.

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    Glad to hear that you're happy and thanks for updating the review!

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    my first impression is "server specs" and after the setup, i have many unexpected problems with servers, and now i decide to transfer my openvz to xen,because i see the virtualization design and have a lot of testimony, but what happen to photonvps, some of my services are not running and some softwares are not running. and most of all i have'nt recieve an answers to my tickets.
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    I havent had many problems maybe because i may not use the vps as extensive as others but from all my learning and experimenting as a vps unmanaged newbie, its been good. So i definitely cant speak for those that require more.

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    Until now, more than 3 days my server is not usable.

    How can we give a reviews to this company that there is no Contact Numbers, Live chat, support tickets, yes there is a reply but not all the solutions.

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    I would like suggest to Jim to make live chat
    I interest photonvps but my script is not done yet

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    thats good i'm going to make my order now

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    Always great to hear happy review for the satisfied customer. Thanks for sharing.
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