(autotv: a 24/7 server that broadcasts uploaded nsv videos)
(autodj: a 24/7 server that broadcasts uploaded mp3 files)

Welcome to MakeAVoice Radio, Shoutcast Hosting

We already had the lowest prices, but what's better than the lowest prices? Even lower! All new pricing, over 95% of our pricing is lower than before! Check out our new offers.

Shoutcast Radio & TV Server Specials!

All Accounts come with both AUTODJ and AUTOTV players for 24/7 playback from the server and you can use any DJ software you like for LIVE DJing. (SAM, SimpleCast, Winamp Source, etc).
All Accounts have UNLIMITED Bandwidth, UNLIMITED Storage space.
Switch between TV and Radio when you like.

Quadcore servers located in Chicago, IL.

Take as long as you like, check out the demo control panel, Specials will be there when you are ready to start! It's all unlimited.
Want a special you dont see in the "Quick Orders" list? Just "Customize" it.
All orders are INSTANTLY setup, no waits. Automated Systems.

100's of people since our great opening just shortly ago, can't be wrong!

Radio Specials!

Most Popular Package: 50 listeners (Radio) @ 128 Kbps $9.95
link: http://www.makeavoice.com/shoutcast/shoutcast.php?c=1
50 Listeners @ 96 Kbps $8.95
50 Listeners @ 64 Kbps $7.95
50 Listeners @ 48 Kbps $6.95

Most Popular Package: 30 listeners (Radio) @ 128 Kbps $7.95
30 Listeners @ 96 Kbps $6.95
30 Listeners @ 64 Kbps $5.95
30 Listeners @ 48 Kbps $3.95

More specials and features at website

Events Calendar:
With the events calendar you can schedule AutoDJ to play certain songs at certain times, either instantly or tomorrow or even next month at a specific time. Fades song in at time and resumes where you left off after done playing, remembers shuffling on or off.
All events are recorded to calendar for easy viewing.

DJ Login Area:
With only the IP, Port and Admin Password of the SHOUTCast server your DJ's can login and control the station. Start and Stop AutoDJ around your DJs schedule.
You pretty much need an account to see this one in action, although its similar to the controls you see in the "scguest" demo below.

Stats & Graphs:
Listener Statistics & Country Listeners Maps

View full client area demo in action at http://www.makeavoice.com/shoutcast/...rdform=scguest
username: scguest
password: scguest
Client Area Login: http://www.makeavoice.com/shoutcast/login.php

Ontop of all these features we have that other hosts dont, we offer lower prices and included AutoDJ Player, AutoTV Player, Tune-in links, flash web player, windows media player web player with visualizer, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited upload storage via FTP access.

View our instant QUICK ORDER system, where servers are online already and handed over to you right away, no waits.


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