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    Reseller Zoom Review 4/5!

    Ok, I am posting a review about reseller zoom.

    I am going to be listing the pros and cons, despite all those cons, it is primarily towards chat support.

    I would give Reseller Zoom 4/5 stars.

    If I was not with another hosting provider right now or Reseller had more competitive pricing I would have stayed, I just dont need 2 different providers.

    Pros: Knowledgeable service and support, Ethical Support, Good reliable servers, Refund promised and fulfilled.

    Cons: A little slow in support responses, chat support reps end chat before my questions have been answered a lot. Chat redirects you to contact an email most of the time. Not told everything upfront when asked about that specific issue in chat. Refund took over a week.

    Why I decided to give them a try:

    Free Unlimited end user support, I asked in chat if this was actually the case and if they planned on charging fees with in the next year. They said it is 100% free and wont be charged fees.

    After going to set up the end user support, I got an email about pricing that will be in effect in an estimated few months. I dont mind paying more for the reseller account and getting the end user support free or competitive reseller account and paid end user support. Their end user support seems to be a good deal though.

    Average response time is slower than what I provide and I can handle the tech issues my self with the basic knowledge I have of servers etc.

    Who is this service great for?

    Customers who do not know how to handle customer hosting issues or for those who don't want to provide support and want a reasonably priced fee for the support offered. If you dont mind waiting a day for a response and dont need to use chat support, Great service!

    Would I recommend Reseller Zoom? Yes, depending on what you require in a reseller account.

    Stay at Reseller Zoom: Approx 20 days.

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    Thanks for the review and kind words. Stop in next week sometime to test out chat and support if your interested, its literally undergoing some big positive changes, lots of new staff, particularly level 1 and chat areas.

    We still do end user support but put some limits on it. It was partially being abused and not providing any extra return so we had to adjust it. But we do still provide it and as a result of that change its helping improve response times.

    I would be curious to know who beat us on price though, that's one we don't hear much at all. Thanks again, and best of luck with your other host.
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    Thanks. As I stated, I did like the service, just no need for more than 1 provider however I always search for the best.

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