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    * we are offering affiliate positions

    Let me get strait to the point! We are looking for a few affiliates/salesmen.

    We typically do 10-25% return, depending on the type of sale you make.

    I do not typically advertise for affiliates, but I figured i'd give it a shot, and see if anyone is interested. If you have any questions, post them here, or PM me and we can get started.

    I can payout via paypal/check/googlecheckout/CC, whatever you prefer. - Corp.
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    I am applying for the position of affiliates/salesmen. I believe that my interests and credentials will match with your requirement. I have completed my Bachelor's degree from MS university in Information and Technology in April 2003.

    Presently I am working with Mar Baselios Engineering College from the last three years as a Lecturer. Through out my career I have acquired a very good knowledge of Sales and Marketing . My responsibility includes providing Mentoring project guidance and handling sales for wide range of clients in US Europe Middle East and Southeast Asia.

    I am enjoying my present job, but still I am looking out for new opportunities in this field.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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