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    * Looking for webhost selling there company or clients


    We are looking for small webhosting companies or resellers who wish to sell there clients or companies. Some things were looking for are as follows:

    Cpanel are a big plus !!
    Shared/Virtual hosting clients
    How many clients?
    What are you ecpecting ?
    What are your monthly earnings ?
    What type of plans do you offer?
    Also please be serious about selling and not just fishing around to see what you can get someone to pay

    You can Pm me via the forum or send a email to [email protected]

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    I too am looking for a few clients... Ensim preferably.. Thanks

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    I think we need some courtesy rule going on here.

    If a host asks that he is looking to buy some customers, please have the decency to NOT post that you are also looking for buy some clients!
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