We have a windows server 2003 server x 64 bits with Plesk 9.2.1. We have about 30 servers in linux (cPanel) and everything works very well because we have the linux skills. But we can't say the same for windows/plesk.

We need support for this server, but I have paid some per issue tickets in parallels.com but the support was very slow, about 1 reply for day. And finally I found the problem by my self.

I want to know if I had bad luck these times and the Plesk support is good, if yes I paid a year email support. Please tell what you think.

Another options is buy support for another company that sell support for this products like www.remsys.net or try to hire a consulting service from some one that have the windows/plesk skills.

I really appreciate any help because we already stoped selling windows plans.

Thank you!