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    Resellers and types of plans

    I am a WAHM who occasionally does some freelance design work for mainly family and friends. I currently have about 5 small websites I maintain and to be honest only use my domain name and space for email seeing all my work comes from word of mouth. I currently pay about $65.00 a month total for my clients space and my empty space from a reseller and it has not been to reliable so I am looking around.

    My question is what type of "plan" would be best for me now. I am confused over how "bulk" space works vs. individual discounted reseller space. Would my clients be able to tell they are under a bulk account, not that it matters they really could care less as long as there site and email is up and reliable.

    And what companies would you recommend I look at?

    Any help would be appreciated. It looks like from what I can tell by briefly browsing I may be better off price wise and space/reliability wise with a bulk account. My main goal is to provide reliablity to my clients while making a small profit on the reaccuring yearly cost for there webspace.

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    Pre-defined plans Vs Bulk plans will mean no difference to your end users (clients).. they will not notice any difference..
    The main difference is to you as the reseller..

    In Bulk, you have the flexibility to create accounts anyway you like and upgrade them to any plans you like while in pre-defined plans, you are limited to choices and to what the provider has setup for you..

    Cost wise, both plans will be roughly the same price for the same resources..

    Some resellers don't like the Bulk style plans and would rather to stick to certin packages while others don't..
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    Your best bet would be to look into a smaller reseller plan. You could more likely find something that would meet all your needs for under $25.00 which would allow you to host several domains under one main reseller account. I also suggest emailing them and making sure there are no "hidden fees" if you should ever need to upgrade to a bigger plan.. While 99.99% of hosts do not charge for this some still have these fees hidden away that you dont know about till you need them.. Good luck

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    Re: Resellers and types of plans

    Reselling helps you to earn money from hosting at same time beng without much tension of adminsitering your server and all the related problems etc.
    Getting Bulk accounts will give you more flexibility and better profits . where as if you just add accounts for each of your cleint , will make that profit lower, on circumstances .

    also ... In bigger reseler accounts ... you can as well have annonymosity .. by having your own nameservers etc . thus becoming transparent from your Host ... thus never loosing your customers in a way | mailto: [email protected] | ASP.NET-MS SQL-Cold Fusion hosting| Cheap domain registration | MSN : [email protected] |

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    Thanks for all the replies. I think I understand a little better. Does anyone have a list of some companies I might want to look over?

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    You could always check out the special offers forum, or browse through previous threads in this forum - once you have found a name of a company be sure to search on the name here at WHT for some more reviews on what their service is like.
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