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    Umetered 1000Mbps on GigE - only $1995!

    For a limited time, LIS is able to offer unmetered 1000Mbps service on a GigE line in Hurricane Electric Fremont I for just $1,995 per month, with a $250 setup fee (minimum 1 year term)! IP address space is included. Cabinet space and power available for an additional fee. If you are already in H.E. Fremont I, get this service via cross-connect. This is an awesome deal on top-quality Hurricane Electric bandwidth - act now!

    LIS's colocation service utilizes Hurricane Electric's Fremont, CA Colocation Facilities. Hurricane Electric provides the ideal environment to keep your servers up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The facilities have been engineered with HVAC environmental systems, digital surveillance, stringent security, conditioned uninterruptible power, and your convenience in mind. All facilities feature escorted access to equipment to ensure the safest possible environment for your servers. Each facility is staffed with technical experts to answer your questions and act as your remote hands at all hours, day or night...

    * 24 Hour Network Operation Center, Monitoring Network Connections and Support
    * Secure Facility with Battery Backup and Emergency Generator
    * Climate Controlled Environment
    * 24/7 Remote Hands Support
    * Additional Bandwidth Available As Needed
    * Secure Facility with Digital Surveillance Cameras
    * 24 Hour / 365 Day Full Access

    Hurricane Electric's network has been rated among the top ten world-wide. It features fully redundant OC192 connections with hundreds of 10,000Mbps connections at all H.E. POPs (Over 1,000,000Mbps of capacity) and connects directly to over 950 other major national and international Internet networks. In addition to this, H.E. directly exchanges traffic with over 2,000 peering partner networks.

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    Is the bandwidth shared or dedicated?

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    It is dedicated bandwidth.

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