I recently restructured the way I do VPS hosting. The highest quality is my top priority at the cheapest I can get it to everyone.
All VPS are managed by me personally with Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 on Intel Quad-Core servers with absolutely NO OVERSELLING!

Disk Space: 20 GB
Memory/Burst: 512 MB/1024 MB
Bandwidth: 200 GB (100Mbps)
IP Addresses: 2
$25/month || Order

Disk Space: 40 GB
Memory/Burst: 1024 MB/2048 MB
Bandwidth: 300 GB (100Mbps)
IP Addresses: 3
$35/monthv || Order

Disk Space: 80 GB
Memory/Burst: 2048 MB/4096 MB
Bandwidth: 500 GB (100Mbps)
IP Addresses: 5
$60/month || Order

Control Panels:
  • cPanel - $12/month
  • DirectAdmin - $6/month
If you need a custom plan please feel free to email or call me to discuss your needs.
Servers are located in Dallas TX. Germany and the UK coming soon.
All VPS are created and managed manually to make sure you get exactly what you want.