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    will subversion have any problem ?

    i want to install subversion on my shared environment,

    i want to ask if it will waste alot of system resource or any problem ?


    my server is centos with cpanel

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    Subversion doesn't consume much resources unless you have several developers and projects.

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    You can also install Subversion command line tools/mod_dav_svn using Subversion source for installing the latest and stable version.

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    Just as a note, I have had subversion's repository corrupt many times over several years... This is due to a variety of issues. Git was designed to "fix" some of these issues, so it might be worth taking a look at git instead.
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    subversion won't take much resource.

    As atariko told, you may need to look into git (created by Linus Torvalds).

    See the video

    git is much smaller package and easy to install on shared host

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