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    Angry [edit] fine -- mea culpa

    Mea Culpa. It's not dead.

    Sorry to cause all the hubbub, Norm. Nslookup failed from a couple of my Internet accounts. I couldn't see or resolve anything in the domain all morning. Don't know what happened. And when I got that lady on your phone number, I freaked. Sorry, Norm.

    OLD: doesn't resolve anymore. All their NS are invalid.
    Their phone number in their whois record connects to some lady saying that "you have called 4 times now and you have a wrong number." No one named Norm is at this number.
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    it is Up for me.
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    works fine for me also

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    Works here too. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    Please visit
    1. Open a trouble ticket
    2. Make sure to include your domain name and the IP of your home machine (or whichever machine you are using)

    [edit] If does not work, please PM (private message me) instead.

    I have a feeling your IP address might have been banned.

    FYI: WHOIS contact record has old number listed. Will be updated shortly.

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