Offers over $19
nice looking flashwebsite, dropshippers likely need to be updated

BIN is $19
software included

BIN $15
long name, but its also the real name

BIN $15

BIN $15
sells a nice pack for under $4

www.articlepagemachine.com $20

www.erentapartment.com $15

www.recipe4sale.com $15

www.sendtxtmsgs.com $20

www.slideups.com $20

www.wallstreetslatest.com offers over $19

www.4ypn.com offers over $19

www.ivideosuite.com $25

www.qnasession.com $30
very strong name site is over a year old and 132 indexed pages.

www.webmasterscourse.com $25
site is almost 3 years old, made a couple of sales in that time

www.cocreated.com offers over $19
qusi one word .com

www.look4babynames.com offers over $19

www.dotcomsubmission.com $25
nice looking site on great name

www.multimembershipscript.com $35
sells a nice script at $27

All names are at enom, you have to get a free enom account (or have one) so I can push the domain. Sites are on my server, you will have 30 days to move to your hosting, you will be given cpanel and ftp access and of course you will have the domain pushed. Please make sure the site works up to your standard.

Sites have never been promoted so traffic is pretty much a bonus, and these are priced for what they are. You can Pm questions if needed.

Thanks for your time.