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    Script to delete inactive accounts

    Hi there

    I run a free/paid hosting provider. I'm in the process of moving from reseller hosting to a VPS, so I thought I would also change from iPanel to WHMCS. Currenty running the trial of WHMCS and it's looking good, the only thing is that it doesn't have the great inactivity scanner found in iPanel.

    Is there a script for WHMCS that scans for inactive accounts and deletes them? Ideally it would delete accounts that have received under x amount of hits in x amount of time. Or used less than x mb of bandwidth in x amount of time, or something along those lines. It'd be great if someone could direct me to such a script.

    While I'm at it, is there a loginshare script for WHMCS and SMF? I doubt it but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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    I'm sure there are plenty of scripts out there that do this, but the closest that I have seen is one that checks to see if the domain is resolving to your server or not.

    This effectively will tell you if the domain is active or not, but it bases it on dns, not bandwidth. So if the user is not pointing the domain to the server, but is still using it by ip or temp url, it may give false results.
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