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    * Which to choose ?

    Hmm I am not very HTML but simple coding is still acceptable.
    Need a host
    >that host 3 domain(not sub :x)
    >with template/site builder ^-^
    >bandwidth no need a lot
    >looking for price around $5 usd

    All suggestion welcome

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    Really, if you would like a host that offers site builder find a cPanel host that offers RVSiteBuilder, its a wonderful site building tool, and if you are going to be hosting 3 domains, find one that allows addons domains, or a reseller package. As well I would start off small with bandwidth around 20GB.

    If you go through the shared hosting offers section I am sure you will find multiple hosts that will fit your needs. As far as "cheap" goes, everyone has a different definition of "cheap" but just as well you get what you pay for, so try to find a host that doesnt oversell their services.

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    cool any suggestion ? is it better to pay for 2 year or monthly ._. Newbie here

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    If the host is reliable its always in my opinion better to go ahead and pay in advance, usually it saves some money, and if the host is reliable it saves alot of hassle. If you are unsure of the host however do monthly for awhile and if you find out they are the host for you pay yearly.

    I do not have alot of experience using the hosts here on WHT, however I have heard good things about HawkHost and they have plans to fit your needs, try giving them a quick search and read some reviews.

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    I'd always make the first payment to the host monthly, then if it doesn't work out you can move along to the next choice - if your happy renew for the period you are comfortable with.

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    hmm thanks guys

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    I think you should add more cash and get Baby package of Hostgator. They will fit all you need

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    Your requirements seems to be pretty normal and reasonable. Regarding the prepayment I have the same opinion as others. Yearly payments give you some benefits but go for it carefully. But check for the reliability and history of the company. For a too new company it is not wise to prepay for two years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by haode View Post
    cool any suggestion ? is it better to pay for 2 year or monthly ._. Newbie here
    Stick with the monthly plan until you are sure this is what you want. Then build up gradually is you still have some doubts. (three months, six months etc.) I don't recommend 2 years because you never know what can happen to you or to your hosting company.
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    I wouldn't recommend paying more than a month in advance for at least a year to be honest. The way I have always done it (and the way I recommend to people) is to pay for a month, then another, until you reach the next available payment option. Take one year for instance.

    Hosting company's go down the tube every day. What happens if they disappear? What happens if their service gets worse? IMO it's always better to just pay monthly for at least a year, I have been with a few company's that went from great at the beginning to horrible, in as little time as a month (H9...)

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    Your needs are definitely reasonable given your budget. There are literally thousands of hosts that can provide what you need. Take a look around here or other review sites like hostjury (AVOID sites with Top 10 lists) and Google/WHT search for reviews.

    Some hosts I would recommend checking out:

    Aquarius Storage

    You will find mostly (if not all) positive reviews for these hosts here (and elsewhere)

    Good luck!


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    >looking for price around $5 usd
    I am assuming that is per month, which is a very good budget and your request is extremely reasonable.

    What kind of web site are you planning on hosting? Almost all web hosting companies offer some sort of a site builder with their plans, but it's best to confirm before signing up. Don't start out paying for 2 years at once, try monthly or quarterly at most to start out with.

    Good luck with your search!

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    For your needs best is hostgator and you can to use currently a coupon for 20% off the hosting, this would be coupon code "beach".

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