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    Stopping outgoing spams (Mail is locked!)

    I saw some spams and I try to remove them on my cPanel server from WHM > Mail Queue

    Message 1MFr0q-0001cK-TV is locked
    Message 1MGJLb-0001UL-4y is locked
    Message 1MGIqC-00036q-7v is locked
    Message 1MGIvk-00044Q-5r is locked
    Message 1MGJpk-0003fU-5K is locked
    Message 1MGJK9-00015D-US is locked
    Message 1MGJhL-00006a-Mh is locked
    Message 1MGHK4-0004e6-60 is locked
    Message 1MFrD4-0002Up-OX is locked

    I can't seem to remove them. What's the way to kill them at once?

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    One thing you might check is whether you have sufficient privileges to delete the messages in WHM. Are you a reseller or the owner of the server? Are you logged in as the root account? If not, try it and see if it will then delete it successfully.

    Seems to me that this would be the most logical place to start troubleshooting until we have more information. Give it a try and let us know what happens!
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    WHM Reseller doesn't have privilege to view e-mail queue in the first place...

    so, i'm logged in as root

    what's the solution to kill these emails on ssh?

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    Perhaps a Exim delivery process is handling those messages.

    Whats the output of the following commands on one of the message ID's ?

    exim -Mvh 1MFr0q-0001cK-TV
    exim -Mvl 1MFr0q-0001cK-TV

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