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Thread: Flash or not

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    Flash or not

    Hi guys,

    I just need everyone suggestion on these issue. I want to redesign our website, but we're confuse on whether to build a full flash website, or not.

    For a business website such as webhosting, do you guys think its appropriate to have a full flash website or not. I've seen some websites that are using partial flash such as and modernbill .. I think theirs look awesome. But I want something more than just a plain html ..

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    Not full-Flash, just because many users want to, for example, copy text, right-click to open links in new windows, etc.
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    Flash will not go down well with search engines. The basic info should be HTML and the rest can be enhanced with Flash

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    I agree with the others, full flash is a bad idea.

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    I completely agree with what's been said so far. It'd be a bad choice to have your site fully constructed in flash. I think just a flash header would do well, everything else like the navigation and content in HTML.

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