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    corei7 kernel config option

    I just got one of the new corei7 boxes, it looks pretty sweet. I am compilig a custom kernel now, doing linux- (latest grsecurity test patch kernel) and I do not see an option for the corei7, just Core2/Newer Xeon. I had been googling and seem some posts about kernels now supporting i7 but no info on the config. I do know the installed distro - centos5 64 bit, it ran fine on the first old kernel and latest kernel got in yum update.

    Does anyone know of any patches or anything out there that will help harness the full capabilities of the i7? Or has anyone else compiled custom kernels for your i7 without issue and what processor type did you choose?

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    check out the redhat kb at

    hope that helps.. - Professional Linux Consulting.

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    We have 1 running core i7 and we used Core2/Newer Xeon. You should be fine with that.
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