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    Setup help

    I am new so I want to start with the basics. I want to be able to host my own site on my own server. I have purchased a server and have a fast internet connection, where do I go from here?

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    There's a lot more than what you've just said. I won't go into it as there are 1000's of posts at WHT about this.

    You can't really just pop it on your ADSL or something. You need to really colocate it at a datacentre or something. Do you know anything about hosting?

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    If you have the server and the internet connection you can set up to host your own web site. Without going into whether you can or want to run on your own internet connection this is what you need to do.

    Basically you need a server program, an email program and anything else you want for your site.

    Apache server is quite common and free. So is sendmail. These are primarily Linux run (BSD, etc.) so you would need something like Red Hat, Slackware, etc. There is a lot of documentation on how to set these up--just go to their websites.

    You also need some sort of domain name servers. Bind is quite common so you may want to look into that.

    If you want scripting languages you need to download the ones you want (PHP, ASP, Perl, etc.) compile and upload to your server.

    After you set everything up you can upload your site, let your domain name registrar know where the domain name servers are then 24-72 hours later your site will be visible to the net.
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    What kind of connection? Cable/DSL, T1 ...etc?

    1. Get you a router: more info: ..etc. (4 ports $80.00)

    2. Get a domain name : or anywhere. about $14 p.year

    3. Your HTTP server.
    a) if you have win 98SE + can use IIS 4.0 or 5.0
    b) search for a free HTTP
    c) or you can download SAMBAR: free
    some futures not turned on till you registor $99, I definetly recomanded!
    Cause: User friendly, Perl/PHP/ASP support.
    Built in: FTP/Proxy/SMTP......;

    Neef further more help let me know.

    Good Luck.

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