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    Godaddy - Premium Auction Listing

    I have my differences with Godaddy, but do want to point out that they are not evil or money hungry, nor do they refer you to some... hey you signed this or that and agreed to this or that.

    Recently, I purchased a premium listing for a domain to be auctioned. It ran it's course the 90 days and I received no offers, so I never bothered to list it again. If it did not sell, then why pay another $19.99 to list again?

    Well, apparently somewhere in the whole registration process I either agreed, or did not follow up and take off auto-renewal and after 90 days, they charged me another $19.99 and posted the auction again.

    I wrote them and basically explained to them that, while I am sure that I missed something some place, that auto-renewal on domain auctions are not the coolest things in the world, especially if their premium domain listing posted no offers in 90 days.

    Of course, they could have hid behind their TOS, and I certainly did not do my due diligence, but a simple e-mail and conversation and they made the situation right, and did not hesitate or give me any grief. Here was their response to me:

    Dear James xxxx,

    Thank you for contacting Aftermarket support. We apologize for any confusion regarding this matter. We show that you still do have the automatic renewal option selected for several of your products. We would advise you to modify these auto renewal settings. In regards to your Feature Auction listing we can offer a refund if your cancel the featured listing on this auction. Please follow the directions below.

    We would be happy to request a refund for your order. However, we will need you to first cancel the item(s) in question. Once canceled, please reply to this email and we will submit your refund request.

    Please note: Cancellation and refund of certain services will also cancel any free services associated with it.

    To cancel any item in your account, please use the following instructions:

    First, log into your customer account:

    Go to our homepage.
    Log in at the top of the page using your account username (which may be the same as your customer number) and password.

    If you have trouble logging in, our Account Retrieval System may help you. You can use this to retrieve your customer number and/or reset your customer account password. You can find this system by selecting 'Click Here' next to 'Forgot Your Password?' on the 'My Account' login page.

    Once logged in, follow the steps below to cancel:

    Select 'Payments and Renewing Items' from the 'My Renewals & Upgrades' menu.
    Check the box next to the item(s) you would like to cancel and click on the 'Cancel Item' button.
    Select 'Cancel Now' in the menu that appears to the right.
    Click on 'Save Changes'.

    Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way.


    xxxxx x.
    GoDaddy Aftermarket Support

    So, while there are some things that I do not like about godaddy, for those who speak of them being completely money hungry.... I disagree. I have never had a bad experience in the realm of asking them to make something right.

    I still wish they would make "private whois" a little more cost affordable and in line with what other registrars are doing, but then again, they have a business model and it works for them.... just not for me, especially with the amount of domains that I have.

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