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    Exclamation facebook apps boost your traffic?

    hi, im thinking of developping a dead simple facebook app that just has invite your friends feature, ability to "tag" & "anounce on feed" whatever they find on my website application to be worthy of sharing.

    Has this method worked for anyone?

    Seems like a cool thing to do, but do facebook allow these type of apps i mentioned above.

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    TBH i dont know, I was thinking about designing some sort of simple app for facebook, basically for blatant advertising seeing as im on it quite a bit and i know that i could persuade a few friends to use it, have to see tho
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    Sounds like an avenue at least worth checking more into..

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    hmmm I think you might need something more unique and interesting to develop in Facebook to drive traffic

    But this is just an opinion and you can still give your idea a try..
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