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    Lightbulb Support Tech L1 - L3 /System admin/ live support


    I have 3.5 years of experience in Web hosting tech support, and
    I am located in India. I am looking for full time/part-time

    Work skills:

    1.Installing and configuring LAMP(Linux apache mysql and php):

    (apache 1.X and 2.X, Mysql 4.X and 5.X)
    Dynamic compilation for adding modules and other features.
    Removing unwanted functions in PHP

    2. Optimization of Apache and Mysql:

    Optimizing apache and Mysql for best performance.

    3. Mail servers:

    Tweaking mail servers such as sendmail,qmail,exim.
    Adding Anti-spamning features such as clamav,spamassasin.
    Configuring and managing Spirus( gateway based
    anti-spaming,anti-spoofing software).
    Setting up relay servers for bulk mail transfers (sendmail
    and exim).

    4 .Other software installation and configuration:
    kernal compilation and customization.
    FFMPEG compilation.
    Mytop installation.( for mysql)
    Installing and configring Monitoring tools like
    Control panel installation like Cpanel,Plesk,directadmin and
    *Tomcat installation
    Third party sofwares like Joomla,phpbb,wordpress,dadamail.

    5. Server Hardening:

    Firewall configuration like iptables,csf,apf,BFD,LFD.
    Binary hardening of the modules
    Installing mod_security,suphp,php suexec.
    Removing the unwanted services.
    Securing temp
    Installing chkroot kit and rkhunter.

    6. Recovery and migrations.

    Recovering compromised servers.
    Migrating servers both control panel based and non control
    panel based servers.

    *Able to work on backup tool like CDP( beginner)

    7. Known platforms and control panels

    Redhat and centos (redhat 9,centos4X and centos 5X)
    openvz and virtuzoo

    Control panels like cpanel , Plesk , Directadmin , Hypervm,

    * Able to work on contolpanel based and non control panel (
    plain box)

    8. Trouble shooting form L1 tasks to L3 issue and Admin tasks :

    Working on technical support help desk form level 1 issues to level3 as well as handling live chats.

    email [email protected]
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    Forgot to mention my IM
    AIM screen name:cyruslinuxtech
    MSN :[email protected]

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