Come experience Lagniappe (pronounced lan yap), a Louisiana tradition...

Now offering CPanel
In response to customer requests, we're now offering CPanel/WHM
with Fantastico. Of course we will still continue to offer our DirectAdmin Reseller accounts as well.

Basic Reseller
25GB Disk Space
100GB Bandwidth
Reg. $14.95 per month, $9.72/month with promo code "WHT35"
CPanel Signup or DirectAdmin Signup

Advanced Reseller
35GB Disk Space
200GB Bandwidth
Reg. $24.95 per month $16.22/month with promo code "WHT35"
CPanel Signup or DirectAdmin Signup

Premium Reseller
50GB Disk Space
400GB Bandwidth
Reg. $34.95 per month, $22.72/month with promo code "WHT35"
CPanel Signup or DirectAdmin Signup

All Reseller Plans feature:
  • Unlimited: Domains, Sub-Domains, Email Accounts, MySQL Databases, FTP Accounts
  • Choice of CPanel/WHM with Fantastico or DirectAdmin with Installatron
  • Anonymous Name Servers
  • No Contract
  • Daily REMOTE backups
  • Weekly SECONDARY REMOTE backups
  • Mailed CD/DVD backup - free once annually, $5 + shipping for additional
  • 30Day Money Backed Guarantee
  • Free Setup
  • Powerful, UNDER-SOLD servers
  • Wholely owned hardware - not a reseller of others

Lagniappe (pronounced Lan Yap) is a Louisiana tradition of
giving a little something extra to a customer, just because...

IPs to ping: Cpanel - DirectAdmin -
File for speedtest (right click, save as):
Cpanel -
DirectAdmin -
Server information:

Reseller FAQs:
Q. Why does the CPanel/WHM server say VPS? Don't you own your own servers?
A. Yes, we own all our servers. We're in the process of virtualizing ALL of our customer facing servers.
The reasons are the same as why many large enterprises are doing the same:
1) Better hardware utilization and management : we can use the existing tools to better
manage our customers' experience.
2) Leverage the investment of time and capital already put into place. We can focus on the physical
aspects only at the node level and manage the virtual level through built in tools.
3) Backups! We can restore files to your virtual server with a click of the mouse - plus we keep 7 days
of archives. Plus use the vzdump feature to get a clean backup of the system.
4) If a cpanel server starts getting too large, we can live migrate it easily to a new node.
5) Cost : The recurring Cpanel license fees in particular are less expensive at the VPS level. We can
leverage that to help keep our customers' costs down.
6) It's greener : we can better manage the carbon footprint of the servers.
7) Recovery : if a node fails or is failing, the virtual servers on that node can be migrated to
another much easier. Since we build a custom CPanel template, we can bring a new CP/WHM VPS up
VERY quickly should the need arise.

Q. Why isn't the DirectAdmin server virtualized then?
A. Because it was already in place, we kept it at the physical server level for now. But we plan to migrate
it sometime in the near future for many of the same reasons above.

Q. Are you a reseller?
A. No. We own all of our own servers. We have them located at 2 different data centers: Virtbiz in Dallas, and Tulix in Atlanta.

Q. Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?
A. Yes! 30 days... It's not "no questions asked" though, we'd like to know why you're leaving, but it has nothing to do with whether you get money back, we'd just like to know why so we can improve.

Q. What control panels do you use?
A. DirectAdmin and CPanel/WHM.

Q. Where are your servers / Who are your bandwidth providers?
A. Tulix in Atlanta providing Telia, Level3 and Cogent Virtbiz in Dallas provides Level 3, AboveNet, Global Crossing, Cogent

Q. Are your servers oversold/overloaded?
A. Absolutely not! We don't oversell, and typical server load is VERY light. As I write this the load averages on the customer facing servers, are running from 0.03 to 0.68 with an average of 0.31!

Q. Do you monitor your servers or our VPS'es?
A. Yes! The nodes are remotely monitored by 2 external services. We will also be happy to add your VPS into the mix (up to 5 monitors).

Q: Do you allow proxy sites, IRC, warez or other copyrighted and/or illegal material?
A: No. VPSes found to be running any of the above will be disabled without warning.

Q: Do you make backups?
A: Yes!
1) Daily backups are done and moved to another server for safe keeping.
2) Weekly copy of the backups to a NAS unit in the office in New Orleans.
3) We can mail you a CD/DVD based copy of the backup to you. Free annually, $5 plus shipping afterwards.
But we still suggest that you make and keep a backup yourself as well.

Q. Do you have a price protection policy?
A. Unlike many hosts, we do. If you see a special we're offering, you can get that special just by asking for it, up to 1 change per year.

If you have any questions, drop me a PM or email me at
rob -at- LagniappeInternet -dot- com