Blesta is a web based billing, client management, and support application quickly gaining popularity all around the world. It is the most professional, most intuitive, most secure billing application of its kind on the market today.

Demo: <-- The demo speaks for itself
Free Trial:

*If you order a paid copy, use coupon code "WHT" for 25% off (first month only on monthly licenses)
**If you own a competing product, email us for a 30% off coupon on an owned license. We have import scripts for WHMCS, ClientExec, ModernBill/Plesk Billing, and WHMAutoPilot.

Our 2.1 release adds Windows support, now Blesta runs on Linux and Windows running Apache or IIS. Blesta is highly object oriented and is the first billing application to require PHP 5 at launch.


  • Automatic recurring billing
  • Automatic payment processing
  • Email or Paper invoice methods
  • Partial payments on invoices allowed (Nobody handles accounting as well as Blesta!)
  • Streamlined manual payment entry
  • Built in ticket system, with email piping support
  • Integration with control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin and more!
  • Integration with gateways like, Quantum, PayPal and more!
  • .. way more, you got to check out the demo

Multi-Currency support is coming in 2.2! Multi-Currency done right, stay tuned.


  • Extensive API over JSON or PHP serialization
  • Internationalized interface, create your own language files
  • Completely editable templates, for everything
  • Open module, gateway, invoice and anti-fraud systems
  • No fee to remove branding


  • 256-bit AES encryption cipher used for credit card data
  • Remote access key required for cron jobs and API access
  • Ability to lock down API access to an IP address
  • Does not require any publicly accessible directories to be writable (chmod 777)
  • Runs with register_globals OFF
  • MySQL queries are protected against SQL injection
  • Lots more behind the scenes

We take a proactive not a reactive approach to security.

We are real people, we have a real office with a real phone. We all work here, this allows us to give you the best support possible. Want to speak with our lead developer? Not a problem.

We realize that no billing application is the right fit for everyone, if we don't think Blesta is right for you - we'll tell you.

If you made it this far down the page, thanks for reading. Remember, check out the demo - if you like it, download the trial. Have questions? Give us a call, hit up our forums, or drop us an email. I look forward to hearing from you.