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    An email I received from HostCadet

    Looking back like your database issue wasn't our problem we didn't change anything. We just added your
    dump. The same one you couldn't get to work we just uploaded it and was fine. You have problems with
    how to use cpanel and should take some time to learn.

    I look back and the tech didn't do anything with the FTP and it would be very funny that you are the only one
    on that server with problems. I seen two people last night with rather large db's import them with no issues.

    Nothing with working on your site has caused us to change one thing with the server. The only problems
    for all your tickets is to follow instructions on how to do something.

    what do you think we set the server to not work only just for you.
    funny thing is everything you cry is broken has been your user error.
    I think you would be happier hosting somewhere else.

    Ticket ID: #299920

    Subject: i need help fixing a database issue

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    This email comes from about a week or more of solid tickets that yell and accuse us of lying and having bad servers because you wouldn't take our instructions. Just like in one of your ticket we gave you step by step instructions on how to add a database. When you were told to create a user for the db before you could use it. You accused the tech of being a liar and stated that cpanel doesn't require a db user to work.

    You recieved that email after the nasty email you sent us but I won't post that here. Just like you are spamming this forums by posting this letter over and over all around here on this forum.

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