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    major proxmox problem

    Hey guys. Ive got the biggest bizzare problem ever.

    Ive got a server with OVH and installed proxmox on it. i can create a vps and it works fine except one problem. When ever i try to ssh into it does not except my password. So i then went into the proxmox control on the main server and went into the vps there using the console and changed the root password using passwd command to change it, which it prompted me which was fine.

    but i still can't ssh to the vps. If i install stuff via the console in proxmox it works fine like apache etc, but i just dont want to have to go and via proxmox all the time because its slow and annoying.

    What am i doing wrong?

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    Check sshd_config (/etc/ssh/) and make sure root login isn't disabled. Can you get in as another user? Are password logins permitted (or key entry only?)?
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