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    ZipServers cPanel DNS VPS Initial Review

    my first review here, i hope it is right to put this review here

    i bought 2 VPS at ZipServers product labeled as "cPanel DNS Only" server because i want to make dns clustering on my server.

    Online store:

    the first one i bought 3 days ago (seattle), and the second one 2 days (dallas) ago, it's pretty cheap at $4.95/mo with 3 choices of location named dallas, seattle & washington. I'm planning to buy another 2 to add more redundancy to my DNS clustering.

    actually i've searched via google to know if there is any other offering like this zipservers provide, unfortunately i don't found anything else, so i decided to go for it.

    the first vps is activated about 1 hour, and the second vps is about 6 hours (it's weekend), sales chat was helpfull & give clear answer for every question i ask, there's nothing to worry about

    now about the vps, for $4.95/mo you get 128MB RAM & 5GB HDD, it seems pretty small, but if you count that it doesn't need to run apache/mysql, etc, than it would be sufficient enough. currently i have about 600 DNS zone and each vps taken up about 50MB RAM.

    about the CPU, i try to run cat /proc/cpuinfo on both of them and found out different configuration:
    - in seattle they are using Xeon E7420 with 105MHz allocated
    - in dallas, they are using Xeon E5335 with only allocated 48MHz

    i don't know if this cpu power would be adequate, but things running quite smoothly untill now.

    now the downside, they are using standard APF firewall on every vps which is having random behaviour blocking my access or my server DNS request so i have about 2-3 times DNS failing because of this damn firewall. Support response was quite fast, around 5 minutes - 1 hour, but sometimes they give solutions, sometimes they don't.

    finally i asked them to disable this APF firewall plus i installed CSF & remove all traces of APF+BFD script that may have left and it's working fine untill now.

    from my point of view, with this very cheap price i think it's already unbeatable, of course they have some downside, but at least it's pretty much solved by now.

    my initial score:
    price = 10/10
    support = 7/10
    quality = 8/10
    sales = 9/10

    i'm planning to buy 2 more of this vps for my DNS redundancy
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    if they are indeed good, I will buy vps from them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepybear View Post
    if they are indeed good, I will buy vps from them.
    i don't know about other VPS because i only buy the "cpanel DNS" one

    they are using virtuozzo virtualization + parallels which is indeed very good

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