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    Hi All,

    I would like to share my opinion with you about the great service I received from

    One of my clients asked me to setup a windows server for him. I really know nothing about windows, but I thought I'd do him a favor as he is one of our important clients. I hired a technician who secured the windows machine and setup the MS SQL server, but the application was still not working, due to SQL connection strings problems, which he was unable to fix, or didn't have the time to...

    This is when I found Ron from . He was really helpful and fixed this for me on MSN in around 50 minutes. He was able to inspect the whole application and create a successful SQL connection in less than an hour, something I was unable to do myself.
    He also taught me how to create new databases, backup them locally and restore them using SQL management studio.

    It was a pleasure working with Ron from, and I highly recommend him for windows-related system administration tasks. This guy really knows what he's doing. Thanks Ron!
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    Pleasure working with you Sam. Glad everything is now in order for your client.

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    I have spoken to Ron on a couple of occasions and he seems to be like a stand up guy. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to work on Windows platform yet, no requests from clients nor have we decided to start offering it but when I do, I know who I'll be going to

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    +1 to these Guys.

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