Today you will find dozens of webhosting support companies, who promise you the moon but fail to deliver when it actually matters. Well... things are slightly different when you choose us to take care of your valuable clients. We have been providing highly reliable and prompt service for over 4 years now . Surely we must be doing something right to have thrived in this hugely competitive market where most companies close down within first 6 months.

We are in the crucial business of providing Technical and Pre-Sales/Sales support (24 x 7 x 365) besides also providing System Administration Services for Linux, Free BSD as well as Windows Operating Systems.

We provide Tech / Sales / Billing Support to the Clients of web hosting companies through Message Boards (Using Ticketing Systems), email systems as well as Live Chat Support. We have expertise in using all types of Control Panels (Cpanel-WHM, Plesk, Ensim, HSphere, *** (SWSoft) etc) and provide 24x7 helpdesk and Live Chat (with coverage for both Tech as well as Preliminary Sales related queries) We shall also be shortly launching a Voice Support (Telephone Support) program.

We have pricing plans to cover both large as well as small hosting companies. ( Per Server Plan, Per Website Plan, Per Ticket/Instance Plan, Dedicated Personnel Plan) Details of these can be had either by emailing us or through PM.)

Please check our plans here : Custom plans are also available according to your needs.

Please do contact us at [email protected] for further inquiries and other details.

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