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    * We3Cares Review

    Hello Everyone,

    Over the last 2 months we have been using the support from We3Cares Technicians who help handle our WebServer and answer our Technicial Tickets. I would like to say that over the 2 months we have used their service they have been excellent, There have been a couple of minor delays in a couple of the tickets though these have been resolved and fixed.

    The Technicians are very good at what they do, They have issues resolved in a matter of minutes, If it is a big issue then tey will investigate it and update the client on the status of their work on the issue(s)..

    Tickets that are created are responded too in the best of 15 minutes and this is around our average response times, The Technicians are in very good and fluent English and very understanding and they seem to never make spelling mistakes Excellent!

    Overall their support is top notch and they know exactly what they are doing so in all respect I will give them a 9.5/10, The reason for the 0.5 drop is because of the couple of tickets that were not responded to at our average 15 minutes.

    This was a reason of a a few minor PC issues on their side which cannot always be predicted and can happen at anytime, Trust me I have seen it happen at the most inappropriate times.

    I would definitely recommend this company to anyone, You will surely not be disappointed. To all the staff at We3Cares an awesome job you guys do and best of luck and the success in your business for the future.

    Sean B.
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    Thanks a lot Sean. I would like to tell all these words should go to the techs and will be pleased to see this.
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    Thanks for the review, i'm currently searching for a management company for a server of mine aswell!

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    what support mediums do they have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chalipa View Post
    what support mediums do they have?
    Contact sales or James? (James had posted above)
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