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    What is required of a freelance webdesigner?

    Hi guys,

    I've been designing websites for quite some time now, and i'm planning on starting up my own freelance webdesigning company.

    I'm pretty comfortable with html, flash/flash programming, 2d/3d graphics, and some basic asp. I'm currently learning up online database integration with asp and flash.

    The thing is, i'm not sure what a typical client expects from a freelance webdesigner. I've seen some example websites online, they offer services from designing, setting the .com address, settling webhosting issues, etc. I've only experience with free webhosts =P.....

    I'm not sure what a freelance webdesigner is expected to know or accomplish for a client. Can some one explain to me ? I was hoping someone could explain to me the typical process that a designer/client relationship goes through until the final product is finished.

    Any help is greatly appreciated
    Thank you =)

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    The biggest issue is completing the task. We are working with an advertising firm that hired a web designer a few months ago. He did not complete any of the sites we worked on.

    1. Document What exactly you will provide. Spell it out in great detail. Promises need to be in writing.
    2. Make sure that you document any changes, and tell the client they are not free changes before you start. Perhaps design a change order form that the client signs.
    3. Make it clear that having a web site, especially an ecommerce site, does not mean that the client will be successful immediately.
    4. Require 10% of the total quotation before you start. Do not allow the client FTP Access to the site until you are paid in full.

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    Recommend purchasing or seeing if your library has a copy of "How to Start a Home Based Web Design Business" by Jim Smith; ISBN 0-7627-0561-2 for around $16 at larger booksellers. Covers most of the basics including potential liability and pitching projects to perspective customers.
    Craig Halbert
    Halbert Associates

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    I'm a freelancer.

    Here is a good link that helped me.

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