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    Question Company requesting "content of each zones"? Please help

    I have tried to transfer my domain name to my Email Service Provider. They are requesting:

    "Could you please send me the entire content of each zones? It should include all records.

    Once done, Iíll give you the names of our server to put them into the registrar configuration."

    I have never been asked for the "entire content of each zone" and "all records" from anyone. Normally I just have to either set the nameservers or arrange for a domain name to be transferred to another company.

    I have asked the ESP and they are being unhelpful.

    Could somebody kindly assist me in terms of what is being requested please?

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    You still want too go with them even tho you admit they are being unhelpful?
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    I presume they want the existing zone files so that they can copy them (or copy parts of them - if they are going to host your email then obviously the MX records will be theirs).

    I don't understand, though, why they need you to provide them with those details. All they have to do is dig the domain on the existing name servers. Not exactly rocket science...

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    not all records are possible to be pulled using dig thats why the new hosting co. wants the entire zone records to avoid missing any records when switching the nameservers
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