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Thread: Ecatel vs PRQ?

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    Ecatel vs PRQ?

    Hi, I am debating on getting a server with Ecatel or PRQ.. When i search Ecatel I see bad and good comments about them and mostly fake ones :O.. Can anyone elaborate one that? They both have a steady price accept one just has a 200$ setup fee.


    PS* Im not sure if PRQ is not allowed to be talked about here or what cause when i searched it nothing came up .. Sorry if it is and feel free to delete the post

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    May i ask you how you know that most bad experiences posted on wht are fake ?

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    The Ecatel owner goes on and states it

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    What is PRQ? Where did you find this site?
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  5. #5 Wow, never heard of them really ? They ignore all threats DMCA etc. Google it

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    Quote Originally Posted by XfrostX View Post
    They ignore all threats DMCA etc.

    i doubt that...

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    376 is the company that hosts The Pirate Bay and they are Swedish based.

    So it's safe to say that they do in fact ignore DMCA threats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ankit View Post is the company that hosts The Pirate Bay and they are Swedish based.

    So it's safe to say that they do in fact ignore DMCA threats.
    No, they don't ignore *all* takedown requests, only some. It's just that it's a grey-area as to what actually constitutes infringement in Sweden, and it's PRQ's belief that if you're not hosting the content directly you're not infringing.

    Your content still has to be legal in Sweden, and I believe PRQ's pricing is pretty steep.
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    What is your intended use for the server?
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    If you looking for SE provider, I highly recommend you

    But I think that the best will be to tell what you exactly need, so we can provide the best advice.
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    Well, not sure about PRQ, as I've never tried them out, but if you need your website to stay online and not have repeated fk ups, just stay away from Ecatel. (They were pretty good actually an year back or so, but then well, I guess they got more clients and screw ups than they can handle).

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    So ecatel = a no ? Has anyone tried portlane

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