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    * Getting Traffic via Writting Artivles

    Can some one tell me what type of articles i have to write and where to post them??
    Further i wanna know if this is a good way for getting traffic and customers

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    The way is good but is very slow.

    It is good specially for search engines which may increase your page rank in case of google.
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    Have a search around and see what everyone is craving about, Do not copy their work, Though a Good article may attract a lot of potential readers. Think constructive and out side the box.

    Try and article that no one has written yet, Try submitting to places like DIGG for example
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    Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon are much better.

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    Write articles about your business industry and submit them to article sites like ezine articles that have many visitors and readers

    Other things you can do to gain traffic, is with forum postings with signature, social bookmarking, social networking, directory listing, blog commenting.

    This might be basic info, but I am sure they help
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    Submit your articles to ezinearticles. It is better to search on google "Article Directories". You can get millions of free article directories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omer Farooq View Post
    Can some one tell me what type of articles i have to write and where to post them??
    Further i wanna know if this is a good way for getting traffic and customers
    1. You need to chose web application or CMS (I recommend joomla)
    2. You need to have some vasic SEO for your articles.
    3. You need have some creative posters to have all of your articles interesting to read.
    4. You need some time. That is not instant process of getting your project popular

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    Writing an informative article related to your business and submitting it to the most popular directories like ezine can gives you much traffic to your website. Only you have to include keyword-targeted link and and your website URL in the resource of your article you submit, this gives your readers opportunity to visit your article for more information.

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    Unique content is always valuable for search engines, but you must choice your topic very carefully, you need to find topics which generate some income.

    But Nowadays, backlinks are important than the unique content. So you need to work on it too. If you combine, both "quality Backlink" and "unique content". You will be friend of google and sooner or later you gonna start to earn money.

    While doing this, don't forget to learn something about affiliate marketing.

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    "Useful"! Write articles that would help anyone to do something better. Most people write general "How to" articles that aren't that helpful. You would do reviews about products and services.
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    Search with the term "article submission directories - you will get many.

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