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    What specs do I need?

    Someone told me that to run magento with nearly 2000 skus, I would need 2gb ram. How much would it take to run a large simplemachines forum? Obviously it depends upon size and traffic, but just give me some ideas.

    Anybody have experience with either app who wants to share traffic size and specs required? Thanks...

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    Well the good thing about vps hosting is you can upgrade at any time... you can also down grade if needs be.
    I would say go for a 1GB vps for the SMF and then if you need more get a host that will just let you upgrade at any time, most do these days.
    Makes it more simple
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    SMF does not require very much CPU/RAM , unless you are getting xx,xxx unique hits a day.

    Magneto is VERY resource intensive, you will want 2GB plus, I would actually aim for 3-4 if you can. - Corp.
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    For magento I would advice going for dedicated, it does not behave on VPS

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