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    shared ssl

    I am trying to add some new features to my hosting business and have a couple of questions. I have cpanel/whm and clientexec. I would like to offer shared ssl to my customers but don't know how to set that up. Also, how do this hosting companies offer free ad credits to yahoo and google? Is that something you talk to yahoo and google about setting up or what?

    any input or guidance you can give is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    For shared ssl, all you need is a regular ssl from any ssl provider like

    Usually it would be registered to the hostname. Then it is installed on the server and any user can share it by going to https://yourhostname/~their-username/their-files.html
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    thanks, i have a ssl cert for but I guess I need one for my main domain that whm is installed on right?

    any ideas on the yahoo and google thing?

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    Yahoo/Google advertising vouchers are something only the big players in the hosting industry are able to provide. If your client base becomes large quickly, then it may be worth giving google/yahoo a quick email to see if they can help you.

    You need to purchase the SSL certificate for the HOSTNAME. To figure out your hostname, just type "hostname" in SSH.

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    ok thanks for all your help.... its much appreciated.

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