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    Thumbs up Volumedrive 2 years review

    I rarely post reviews but this time i have to do this just because they deserve it

    I been with since Apr. 5, 2007 and due to personal reasons i have to let the server go so i decided to write my full review.

    I believe i have been with them since starting of their company. They started with collocating with Burstnet facility. First i started off with windows server with 10mb unmetered package which was famous during that time.

    I was able to push the advertised speed all the time. After few months i decided to start new project and required linux OS with 100mb connection, so i e-mail Josh asking if he can do 100mb with 3000GB bandwidth restrictions. Replied back saying "yes".

    After several months passed i needed another server to load balance and i didn't look no further, ordered second one with better specs and cheaper price.

    In between the network of Burstnet had problems which we all know those times. Josh said he will be securing his own connection soon which he did since then no problem.

    Sometimes i had speed issues, i email support within few min it gets fixed.

    I still wondering how 2 (Jeff/Josh) can support their customers 24/7 since they reply instantly and its always same people. I can see their success due to their personal interactions with their customers.

    No one will be able to match their price with 100mb connection with 3TB bandwidth. They are budget provider but i can assure you its better than that, solid network with solid hardware.

    While i am writing this, i see the uptime of my server with them is 110days and counting, yes i do reboot after updating

    To Rate them from my experience:

    Support 9/10
    Network with Burstnet 8/10 after departing from Burstnet 10/10

    Only downside of volumedrive is that they fall behind billing I know they are developing billing system but too bad that i couldn't get to use it.

    I really don't want to let go of the server but things happens and i definitely will go back if i needed a server.

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    Thanks for review.Good write up

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    Thanks for the review I joined VolumeDrive just under a month ago and things seem solid so far; am getting a brilliant deal too.
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    Thanks You
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    Thank you for your review, update us often.

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    Thanks for sharing your experiences and it is really nice to see that they have been providing a wonderful service to you.

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    Nicely explained. Thanks for the review.

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    Thank you for the feedback and sorry to see you leave. Please let us know if you need anything in the future
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