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    anyone ever use or

    Trying to find a decent host that offers CFMX (iarna actually does not at the moment, but says they will be upgrading soon). Has anyone had experience with either iarna or hostway? give me the dirt

    or in general, can anyone share experience with a reasonably priced (between $20-$50 a month) host company that offers CFMX preferably on a winnt/2k server?

    Thanks for all information and opinions; please no solicitors.

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    Well - hostway is a darn good company. They are big enough that I am sure you will find those who say otherwise, but they have great resources.

    Although I cannot say for sure about the CFMX part, you may want to take a look at CrystalTech too. - They are purely Windows and have some very advanced features.

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    Ipguitars (or anyone else this may apply to),

    Have you been with CrystalTech? I've heard a few things mentioned about them, but didn't realize they did CF. I just checked out their website and saw that their prices seem to be extremely competitive for a CF/Windows host. If you have been with them, may I ask your opinion on: reliability, support, and the control panel? I'm currently hosting a site on (who, by the way are an excellent hosting company)...the only reason I'm not staying with them for this new site is due to their lack of functions within their control panel. I would much rather be able to make changes, etc. myself than wait for support staff to do so. So I'm looking for a control panel that makes maintaining and making changes to my site self-sufficient. That said, I was supremely spoiled by their incredible support staff, and am looking for comparable service - I don't just want to trade one problem in for another.

    Any thoughts on any of these?

    Thanks so much for your response, and in advanced for any further info!

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    I've heard CystalTech is pretty good as well. They are all Windows and do offer CFMX. Their control panel is custom as well and offers some advanced features. I have heard though that getting simple options or additions can be expensive. I would call 'em.
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    Used Hostway many years back...........
    No problems.
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    Thumbs down Hostway sucks

    I have 3 sites hosted with them and have had numerous down time problems. Additionally, they have switched to limiting their support for the two basic plans to email only and they're email support is abyismal.

    Don't do it.

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    Hostway does not suck!

    To answer your question rro403 - no I cannot say I have ever used CrystalTech. I did spend about an hour on the phone a few weeks ago with their CEO talking about some of their features and systems and was pretty impressed. They have one of the largest development team (programmers) of any host I have ever seen, and they all are working on their hosting services - features, automation, reporting, blah blah. I was pretty darned impressed.

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    I use CrystalTech and, so far, have not had any problems. Their control panel is one of the best I've seen and their support is great. I've only been with them a few months, but so far reliablity has not been an issue. Granted, I don't get a ton of hits (yet), but for what I need they're great. I'm probably going to move another site over next week.

    As an aside, RyanK, I went back and forth between CrystalTech and Gearhost. CT got my business because they actually answered all my pre-sales questions. Gearhost did not. You may want to have a talk with your Sales staff.

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    I am using hostway rtight now at I cannot publish with Frontpage to their web site. This web site is a mirror to another site. They refuse to fix the problem, they just reset frontpage and I must upload the entire site EVERY time I make any changes.

    I'm not too happy about it.
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    Let me add one more thing, rro403:

    With MX, it may not be so much the host as the product. Most of the stuff I've read about MX states that it is still somewhat unstable and a version 1.0 product. Therefore, it may not be so much the stability of the host as much as it is the stability of ColdFusion MX. Keep that in mind.

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    Hostway NO!

    Was with hostway for about a year or so. Support was a joke, they couldn't fix half the stuff. Every response got sent to second tier support and then disappeared. Good news is they gave me cash back for some of the problems that kept reoccuring. That was with 90 emails back and forth. Stay away from them, they are to big and don't care about your $20. I used them as a reseller as well and had about 40 sites with them, they didn't seem to care about that either. I don't work for that company that was the reseller though anymore and they don't care, clients are like a bunch of art. They just sit on the wall and don't care about a thing.

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