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    Plesk Control Panel Problem

    Here is my problem, I just installed a new Plesk Control Panel myself. Version 9.2 When I set it up it asked for a hostname so I put in a hostname of ( i used a domain name that I already am using on another server ) I want to move to this server when I get everything setup. Now when I try to access the Plesk Control Panel via my htps://IPaddress:8443 it comes up as the bottom frame cannot be found the black bar on top loads but not the login page. When I view the page info it shows it is trying to connect to which doesnt exsist yet because i havent changed the DNS records of htp://IPaddress:8443 comes up at not found.How can I access my Plesk Control Panel? Eventually I want the to be the hostname but not yet, what do I need to do?

    (htps & htp = https & http)

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    Try DNS bypassing using hosts file entry in your local machine. But this won't be a permanent resolution. You need to change the hostname of the server and must update the DNS.

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