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    hard disks issue

    i currently own a dedicated server with a2b2 as well as a vps.
    with the hack they experienced my dedicated server was shut down
    i am supposed to have a dedicated server with 2 hard drives configured in raid.

    I am a complete newbie to all this business this is why i decided to go for a fully managed service support

    it has been 5 days by now that i have a ticket opened to know the status of my server, the status of my backups, finally today the support told me the following: all the backups of your site were wiped out in the attack. As it stnads we don't have any copy of your data currently
    they are supposed to have a remote ftp backup, but no one seems to know where the data could be...

    how can this be?
    i curently have no other backup than the ones on their servers.
    what should be my next step? as they doesn't seem to reply to my questions?

    i am not attacking anyone here i've been their custommer for 4 years by now and do not entend to move to another host....
    i paid for my yearly server the day of the attack!!! without knowing what happened, till now 5 days down...

    can i request them to send the hard drives to attempt recovery?
    can they do this at their locations?
    is it possible that both hard drives are completely useless?
    who should be held resposable of what happened?

    any help would be very appreciated as some sites on the server have multiple years of data entry without any backups...


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    Are you 100% sure this was a dedicated server and not a VPS?

    We have a few Dedicated Servers with a2b2 and all of them are up and running fine, and were not affected by the HyperVM issues.

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    As it appears customer had a "dedicated VPS" arrangement with us, which was controlled by HyperVM environment. As such I am afraid this one alone was a target of recent attacks.

    Jimmy I've responded to your ticket and will be happy to have this resolved in the best possible way currently. Eagerly awaiting your response.

    Thank you.

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    thanks vlada will get back to the tickets on a2b2

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