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    Midpulse Web Hosting - $1.00/Mo Hosting Since 2007

    Midpulse Web Hosting

    As of June 25th, 2008 we have upgraded our servers to a Fail Safe Server Setup to reduce downtime and improve server response times. You may find more information about this at -Failover-

    Advanced Features
    SSH Access
    Reverse DNS
    Daily Backups
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Free Setup
    24/7 Technical Support

    PHP 4 & 5
    Zend & eAccelerator
    Imagemagick w/GD
    Server Side Includes
    Frontpage Extensions

    Real Audio/Video
    Windows Media
    FFmpeg, PHP-FFmpeg
    Mplayer, flvtool, lame

    Hosting Plans

    One of our main strengths is that we offer hosting plans suitable to almost any kind of budget.

    Budget Plan 1
    400 MB Disk Quota
    10 GB Monthly Transfer

    Budget Plan 2
    900 MB Disk Quota
    25 GB Monthly Transfer

    Budget Plan 3
    1.5 GB Disk Quota
    50 GB Monthly Transfer

    Advanced Plan 1
    3 GB Disk Quota
    75 GB Monthly Transfer

    Advanced Plan 2
    5 GB Disk Quota
    150 GB Monthly Transfer

    Advanced Plan 3
    10 GB Disk Quota
    250 GB Monthly Transfer

    For more specific information on our plans, you may visit Hosting Plans

    If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected].
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    24/7 Support - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Daily Backups - Doing Business Since 2007

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