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    WTB dedicated server

    i am looking for dedicated server for my website (adult forum) and maybe i ll host 1-2 more sites with it. the site is currently on vps but its mysql is putting 80-100% load on cpu usage other things are fine. it gets 8-10k Uv hits and 150-200 ppl are online every time. check the site tell me abt cheap dedi which can handle the load of this site.

    Ram should be around 2 gb
    hardisk about 100 gb can be less too
    a good processor which can handle load of my mysql
    and good amount of bandwidth


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    Have you seen the Dedicated Offers forum? As per WHT rules providers aren't allowed to quote you on your request on these forums. If you are looking for a custom quote use

    Is there a specific location you're interested in?

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    I would suggest at a minimum start with something like

    Core 2 Duo E8200
    4GB RAM
    250GB HD
    2000GB Transfer

    That would probably work pretty well, you might be better off looking for a Core 2 Quad tho, you should be able to find something like that in the offers section for around $100-$150 or so.
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    Also you can go for a adult VPS
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