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    cPanel VS DirectAdmin VS Plesk On Linux

    which one would you vote for in order? and why? thanks.

    for myself,

    1 cpanel - fantastico rocks. backups are easy
    2 plesk - nice interface
    3 directadmin - fast but lacks some features

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    I would prefer cpanel for linux server and plesk for windows.

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    I'm one of the admins of the DirectAdmin control panel, so I guess you could say I'm prejudiced.

    Previously I was a Plesk Gold Partner (some time ago) but their support model didn't fit my business model, as it was very hard to switch between versions of various software packages; at that time it was either the version Plesk supported or custom development from their staff only.

    (It may be different now.)

    I've got no experience with cPanel, so I'll let other discuss that. But what I've always liked about DirectAdmin is that you can choose from any version of software you want.

    DirectAdmin is extremely configurable, but it does require more shell (command-line) administration knowledge than the others.

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    I suggest cPanel for linux servers because it is easier to communicate and lots of tutorials are available widely.

    For windows, Plesk will be handy.

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    Well, for Linux only, I would suggest CPanel because people say it is simple and user friendly.

    but for windows, i think H-SPHERE is good one as it is complete hosting automated solution Control Panel
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    There's been numerous topics comparing these control panels. Try a search and you should find plenty to read.

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    Majority of customers prefer Cpanel as it has lot of features. If its Linux then my vote for Cpanel and if windows then I would says Plesk because its simple and easy to use.

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    For me it is cPanel..cPanel.. cPanel.. no other options for a linux server
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    I have worked on all the 3 control panels listed here and I my first choice would be Cpanel for linux, Plesk for windows and Direct Admin is a good alternative for cpanel on linux. But cpanel is the best :-)
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    I've used all as an end user.

    Previous hosting adventure I was partner on we used Plesk on Windows and Linux. Work real well and the sitebuilder software was fantastic. But it was IMO very pricey.

    Cpanel I never liked on the end user side. So never ran it administrating it.

    DirectAdmin I liked when I tried it as an end user. I now run it on my servers.

    It's a great product that runs well.
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    I've always preferred cPanel. It's a great control panel -- easy to learn and the interface looks professional.

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    cPanel coz my clients prefer it.
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    I would vote for "1 cpanel - fantastico rocks. backups are easy" I got used to this software.

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