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    * Reseller Hosting 10GB/100GB and $9.95 LLC - cPanel Shared Hosting | cPanel WHMReseller Hosting | XEN VPS | WHMCS | Helpful People

    Company Overview

    Operating since 2007, LLC has often been referred to as the "hip" host, offering clients a more personal and rewarding hosting experience through whacky, fun promotions, heavy discounts, and unexpected surprises.

    We're not the average host, nor do we think like our competitors, we're and we do it our way.

    Here's a few things that a typical client will experience: (for name's sake, we'll call him Bob)

    • Bob will find himself when he sees that his current Invoice was completely paid for by ResellerScene's CEO.

    • Bob will be given plenty of opportunities to participate in fun, whacky, and exciting promotions that will earn him credit on his invoices.

    • Bob will be notified of twitter coupons via Twitter !

    • Bob will soon find out that he absolutely - positively loves ResellerScene for being so so very awesome
      and will soon join the other hundreds who on a daily basis help evangelize for ResellerScene

    Our Mission is simple: to provide web enthusiasts with the best hosting experience they've ever had while aggresively offering our services at competitive prices.

    Machine-like Support

    So our clients are often surprised by the fact that we're real people.... Sound strange?

    We sometimes answer our support tickets so fast, that clients often think we're autoresponders ...

    A client went as far as asking us "what's 2+2 ?" to see if we would indeed answer with a correct answer and not a pre-defined reply.

    We're here to be helpful 24/7 and we really mean that. Whether it might be in the mornng, afternoon, night, Monday, Thursday, or Sunday, you can count on us that we'll be here to answer your requests.

    We're ! And we're here to be helpful

    Fantastic Pricing and included benefits

    Compare us to the competition. You'll often find us to be more than competitively priced for what we offer. If you're looking for a budget host, try taking a look at our pricing structure first. We often get e-mails from our clients telling us that we're the best bang for the buck.

    With the great features that come with your package, you'll find these benefits extremely helpful in hosting your website(s) :
    • Daily and Hourly Twitter Coupons - TWEET TWEET!

    • 30 Day NO HASSLE Money Back Guarantee

    • 99.8% Uptime Guarantee backed by our SLA

    • Upgrades for Dedicated IPs, Diskspace, Bandwidth, WHMCS, etc.

    • Kevin's witty and unorthodox business personality

    • Dale the "server-guru" or A.K.A. "Morpheus"

    Some things you should know

    • Our Machines are strategically located in Cedar Falls, IA
    • ResellerScene operates off a Dual - Quad Core Xeon 2.6-2.8 GHZ packed with 4 GB RAM and Raid Array HDD

    • We are using Internap, Sprint, Global Crossing Bandwidth

    • Zend Optimizer or ioncube offered

    • Utilizing PHP 5 !

    • We accept PayPal and Credit Card (MasterCard/VISA)

    • We do NOT price/plan match with our competitors!

    • Price FREEZE! Never Pay More than what you are paying now!

    • Switching Hosts? We'll transfer your sites over to us for FREE!

    • We are not resellers! We host our own equipment!

    • We do host legal adult content

    • We do not allow proxy websites! No Warez! No illegal software sharing sites!

    cPanel Master Reseller Hosting


    Diskspace: 10 GB
    Bandwidth: 100 GB
    CPanel 11 w/ eAccelerated !
    Fantastico de Luxe: FREE!!
    WHMReseller: FREE
    E-mail: Unlimited
    Domains: Unlimited
    mySQL Databases: Unlimited
    Ruby on Rails: Included
    WHMCS : Add WHMCS Monthly Leased Unlimited License for only $10/mo !!!
    Just $9.95/mo !!

    2nd Month is FREE!!! Use coupon code: bogo

    Coupon is valid for monthly subscription only! Will not work with multiple orders. Cannot be combined with any other offer/discount. Coupon is only good for the base amount of the package, any other addons will be priced at normal pricing. Please contact the billing department to redeem your 2nd month free

    Order here:

    Read more:

    Contact Us / Follow Us / Check for Promotions

    Feel free to contact us via the helpdesk at

    Feel free to follow us on Twitter for fast updates on coupons at

    Feel Free to browse our current Promotions and Coupons at

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    the title states price as $4.95? where as in thread you show $9.95/mo


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    i submited a sales ticket yesterday, and i do not feel " Machine-like Support" you just said.

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    and noone answer the question Gary4gar aksed here.

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    Sorry Sorry. That was a major typo on my end

    I was hastily copying and pasting from a shared hosting section :*** (

    An honest mistake. Current Price: $9.95

    Sorry for the confusion.

    If a MOD can quickly fix the thread title?

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    I just signed up could you make sure i added the coupon please i made a mistake and when back and not sure if added.

    my email is chris you should know the rest if you check signups

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    Hi there Chris!

    Thanks for the order. Saw it in our system. Credit of $9.95 applied to your account.

    Have a good day

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