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    One time fee domain registration in WHMCS

    I am trying to integrate WHMCS but the local TLD (.ro) has a one time fee registration instead of a yearly payment.

    How can I integrate this within WHMCS? I know that I can set to -1 the renewal fee but this is only half of the solution.

    The other half is that when customers see one year registration (instead of "lifetime") they panic and quit. On the other hand if I set a very large amount of years (say 10) I am left uncovered if the local registry changes the rules (which is quite possible) because if I send invoices saying 10 years this is what I have to offer (and I don't feel like paying for years and years of registration out of my own pocket if the rules change).

    Do you see any reasonable solution?


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    Asking it them directly or posting your message on their forums will be more true.
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